We Made It to Winter Break (After Today)! New Year's Freebie!

We Made It to Day 8!  Whoop Whoop!  Winter Break!  (With apologies to those of you who still have to go to work next week, you can leave me boastful comments on the other days you have off we don't).  So, it's Friday (or almost Friday) and that means that you don't need many holiday activities anymore.  So to help you be ready to come back at the beginning of the year, this one focuses on New Years.  I really want our students to be able to participate in making new year's resolutions, but often times it's an abstract idea that they struggle with.  Some of you may recognize this if you have followed me for a while as a fan freebie from last year.  However, since it is no longer available, I wanted to share it with more people and I updated it for this year.

Free Interactive Social Narrative for the Winter Break

Today's freebie is designed to help your kids while saving you time--and as a bonus, send a tool home that their parents can use with the students over break. We all know that many students with autism and similar special needs have difficulty with changes in routine. As such, they often become upset during long breaks.

This is a black-and-white mini-book that the students cut out, assemble, and color the pictures. It comes with a December 2014 and January 2015 calendar. One of the strategies in the book is for students to check their calendar and the books can be sent home so that the families can use it as well.

You can use the book to talk about the upcoming winter break. Have the students find the date that break starts and mark it on the calendars in the book and at the end. Have them find the date that they come back to school and mark that on the calendar in the book and at the end. Then you can send the whole book home for the family to use to review and to show their child the calendar as a reminder of when school starts again. You can even decide not to include specific pages that are not relevant for a student to customize the book.

Click the picture above or HERE to download the free social narrative book from my TPT store.  I would love for you to leave feedback about it as well!

And don't forget the GIVEAWAY that is running through Friday.  Make sure to enter and you can add extra entries each day until it closes.


Instagram Share--$20 Starbucks Gift Card

Need an extra boost to get back to the classroom next week....or just an extra boost to recover from the week?  How about a $20 Starbucks Gift Card emailed to you?  Would that help?

If so, enter the Instagram giveaway below.  I love Instagram and love it when folks share pictures of my products created and in use and tag me.  So, for this contest you can gain entries by following me on Instagram at @autismclassroomnews and more entries by sharing a picture of one of my products (it can be a freebie from the blog or a purchased product from my store).  It can be in use or it can just be sitting in your classroom.  You can enter this once daily to the end of the contest.

A couple of caveats / fine print.

First, no pictures of children other than hands--nothing identifiable (i.e., no faces) unless you have permission.  
Second, your sharing of the picture on Instagram provides me with permission to repost it using a repost app and tagging you (so you'll know it's been shared).  
Finally, Instagram is not responsible for or associated with this giveaway in any way and entry into the contest indicates you release them from any responsibility.  

Make sure to tag your image with #ACNWinterGiveaway so I'll be able to see it and put your Instagram name in the Rafflecopter so I'll know it's you if you win.

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Twitter Share--$20 Amazon Gift Card

And, do you need a little help buying gifts?  Or maybe just a little something for yourself...or {gasp} your classroom?  How about a $20 Amazon gift card?  Follow me on Twitter and tweet a message to enter...you can do this everyday.  Enter with the Rafflecopter for that card below.
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Pinterest Share--$20 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card

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Until next time,

Day 3 of Our 8-Day Countdown to Winter Break--Freebie alert!

Day 3's posting of the 8 day count down to winter break is a bit delayed, but I think it's worth it!  For anyone not following along to now, we are counting down to December 19 for the winter break and I'm hoping to make the last week a bit less painful with some freebies.  Our last freebie was geared toward some of our older kids.  This one is focused a bit more on the primary folks.  And it's just print and go with the visual build in.

Day 2 of Our 8 Day Countdown

So I understand from those of you on Facebook, that NOT EVERYONE gets out on the 19th.  Some of you are lucky enough to get out this Friday.  WHAT?  And some of you are unlucky enough to not get out until the 23rd.  I can only hope that means you don't go back too close to New Years....or perhaps you have those elusive snow days we never enjoy in Florida.  :)  So I am planning an extra surprise for the 8th day that might help you make it through the days of the next week!  You'll have to wait until next week to see it.  So, let's reveal the freebie for today.

8 Day Countdown to the Winter Holidays--I Feel The Need to Give Things Away

OK, I really mean to blog between 2 to 3 times a week but life conspires with me.  But now, armed with antibiotics and a light I can see at the end of the tunnel, I am back with a little twist to keep you entertained (I hope) through the last days of school before the winter break.  I'm not really up to substance right now, but I can be up to a little fun and games and freebies to help you get through the next two weeks.

Workbasket Wednesday-December 2014 edition

Wow, time flies!  I can't believe it's that time again--time for Workbasket Wednesday's link up.  If you want to link up, see the directions and the linkup at the end of this post.

This one is going to be short and sweet as I'm exhausted.  Between the sale (thanks for everyone's support who buys something from my store!), this cold, the blog hop, Thanksgiving, and traveling, I'm exhausted.  December is a crazy month but I have so many ideas for freebies and other stuff running through my head. If I can stop needing to actually sleep, look for a few surprises in the next few weeks.

This month I thought I'd shake it up a bit and talk about system setups.  If you go to the link at the top of the blog on Structured Work Systems, you will see guidelines for this, but I often get asked about how to store and keep all the tasks straight.  I also get asked about how to know which tasks to use for which students.  I wanted to share some pictures of a system that I think worked beautifully for a high school classroom in Cookeville, TN.  I've used this system in a lot of classes and there are some things I love about it that I'll share as well.

Interactive Materials for Teaching Food Groups and Basic Nutrition

I am so excited about this new product, I can't even tell you! I'm excited because it has lots of new types of materials, but also because I'm so glad it is finally finished.  This has been sitting on my computer for more than a couple of months and every time I would try to finish it up (longer in different forms), I would find something more I wanted to add.  But now, it's up in my store and I want to share a little about it so you can see everything it contains.


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