Presenters in Autism and Special Education Worth Your Time and Money

Greetings from Vegas where I am currently attending the Applied Behavior Analysis International Autism conference and had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Linda LeBlanc on teaching receptive vocabulary skills to children with ASD.  Some amazing stuff that I will share in a blog post in the future so stay tuned for that.

As promised, I am following up my last post about annual conferences that are great to attend for quality information about autism with a post about speakers that are definitely worth seeing.

In addition, we have a giveaway going on that you just might be interested in for sports.  I've contributed some products you can enter to win and there will be more about that at the end of this post. More about that later.

Introducing Interactive Instruction for the Next Dollar Up Strategy

Many of you on Facebook have probably seen this new product that I completed and posted over the winter break.  I wanted to give you a little bit more of a peek at the elements in it and why I am really excited about it.  As you can see from the picture, there are a variety of activities all practicing the next dollar up strategy.

January Workbasket Wednesday Link-up and a Freebie

It's that time again...time for Workbasket Wednesday.  So get your posts ready bloggers, and readers grab a cup of your favorite beverage (keeping you warm on your cold and snow days in the north) and get ready to feed off my addiction to work tasks and the Dollar store (and pick up a freebie).

Sorry if that seemed a bit over the top.  I think there are fumes in the Dollar store that rub off and stay with me for a few days.  Many of you will have seen the picture below the link up icon that I posted earlier this week saying I was getting ready for this post.  I went to the Dollar store and found that we are ready for Valentine's day.  So, I grabbed up some stuff to make some new work baskets of all different types.

If you are a blogger, you don't need to go with any theme--any old work baskets, work boxes, or work tasks will do to link up.  See the directions and the button to grab at the end of the post.

Teaching Kids to Play With Toys: A Review of the Toybox Tools by Hasbro

Wow, I can't believe that winter break is over for most of us!  Time for back to reality.  I really meant to do this post well before the holiday but reality factored in a bit with a few other responsibilities.  However, I wanted to make sure that folks didn't miss this amazing resource that is now available through Hasbro for teaching children (with autism as well as others who need assistance) to play with toys.

Let me be clear that Hasbro has not given or offered me anything to review their site.  I happened to be present when they launched the program at the OCALICON in Ohio in November and was really excited by the idea.  In looking at the site I'm even more excited by the possibilities.  So, this is just a review to share with you the FREE resources available through the site and highlight some of the things I like and things I hope to see in the future from the group.

5 Tools for Finding Autism Inspiration Using Pinterest

It's that time of year again....the time for counting our blessings, giving thanks, spending quality time with family, doing some much needed cleaning, organizing the closets, writing lesson plans,....discovering Instagram, getting lost in Pinterest, and finally being able to catch up on all of our blog reading.  Ironically it's also probably a time when we make resolutions to do things like spend more time moving and with our family than we do on Pinterest.

In any case, as many of you know, I LOVE Pinterest.  I love it because it takes the place of having to actually save things on my computer and never being able to find them or (gasp!) print them out in order to put them in a notebook!

The 15 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Wow!  As usual I can't believe how fast this holiday is going and really can't believe we are almost at the end of the year!  At the end of each year I like to go back through the blog posts and see which ones are the most popular (have the most pageviews) that year so I know what you all want to hear more about.  It also makes a good tool for those of you who may have discovered the blog at some point this year to see what has been popular before you found us.  So, I am counting down the most popular 14 blog posts of 2014.  Check them out and you may find some new ideas you missed in the scurry of the school year.  And as always, thanks for reading.

Happy Holidays!

May your days be merry and bright! 

I am enjoying the holidays with family and will be back with some greatest hits lists next week.

We Made It to Winter Break (After Today)! New Year's Freebie!

We Made It to Day 8!  Whoop Whoop!  Winter Break!  (With apologies to those of you who still have to go to work next week, you can leave me boastful comments on the other days you have off we don't).  So, it's Friday (or almost Friday) and that means that you don't need many holiday activities anymore.  So to help you be ready to come back at the beginning of the year, this one focuses on New Years.  I really want our students to be able to participate in making new year's resolutions, but often times it's an abstract idea that they struggle with.  Some of you may recognize this if you have followed me for a while as a fan freebie from last year.  However, since it is no longer available, I wanted to share it with more people and I updated it for this year.

Free Interactive Social Narrative for the Winter Break

Today's freebie is designed to help your kids while saving you time--and as a bonus, send a tool home that their parents can use with the students over break. We all know that many students with autism and similar special needs have difficulty with changes in routine. As such, they often become upset during long breaks.

This is a black-and-white mini-book that the students cut out, assemble, and color the pictures. It comes with a December 2014 and January 2015 calendar. One of the strategies in the book is for students to check their calendar and the books can be sent home so that the families can use it as well.

You can use the book to talk about the upcoming winter break. Have the students find the date that break starts and mark it on the calendars in the book and at the end. Have them find the date that they come back to school and mark that on the calendar in the book and at the end. Then you can send the whole book home for the family to use to review and to show their child the calendar as a reminder of when school starts again. You can even decide not to include specific pages that are not relevant for a student to customize the book.

Click the picture above or HERE to download the free social narrative book from my TPT store.  I would love for you to leave feedback about it as well!

And don't forget the GIVEAWAY that is running through Friday.  Make sure to enter and you can add extra entries each day until it closes.


Instagram Share--$20 Starbucks Gift Card

Need an extra boost to get back to the classroom next week....or just an extra boost to recover from the week?  How about a $20 Starbucks Gift Card emailed to you?  Would that help?

If so, enter the Instagram giveaway below.  I love Instagram and love it when folks share pictures of my products created and in use and tag me.  So, for this contest you can gain entries by following me on Instagram at @autismclassroomnews and more entries by sharing a picture of one of my products (it can be a freebie from the blog or a purchased product from my store).  It can be in use or it can just be sitting in your classroom.  You can enter this once daily to the end of the contest.

A couple of caveats / fine print.

First, no pictures of children other than hands--nothing identifiable (i.e., no faces) unless you have permission.  
Second, your sharing of the picture on Instagram provides me with permission to repost it using a repost app and tagging you (so you'll know it's been shared).  
Finally, Instagram is not responsible for or associated with this giveaway in any way and entry into the contest indicates you release them from any responsibility.  

Make sure to tag your image with #ACNWinterGiveaway so I'll be able to see it and put your Instagram name in the Rafflecopter so I'll know it's you if you win.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below.
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Twitter Share--$20 Amazon Gift Card

And, do you need a little help buying gifts?  Or maybe just a little something for yourself...or {gasp} your classroom?  How about a $20 Amazon gift card?  Follow me on Twitter and tweet a message to can do this everyday.  Enter with the Rafflecopter for that card below.
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Pinterest Share--$20 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card

And finally maybe you want to stock up on materials to start off the new year right.  Enter to win a TPT $20 gift card that can be used in ANY store on the site--even mine. :)  Just follow me on Pinterest and then each day you can earn entries by pinning an image from my store.  Enter in the Rafflecopter below.

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Until next time,


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